Every week, we try to share insights, tips and tricks to help small business owners better manage their marketing efforts. We’ve showcased “how-to” posts on public speaking, trade show displays, blogging and email marketing. We’ve discussed how small businesses can use paid search, and why EVERY small business needs a website. Now it’s time we step up our game and provide even more helpful info. In the next few weeks, we’re getting ready to launch an online marketing resource center.

marketing resourcesWhat will the resource center provide?

Our new resource center is going to be a collection of checklists, videos, templates and much more, all designed to help small businesses be better marketers. Each content piece will provide clear, concise guidelines and information on marketing subjects such as video marketing, social media, email marketing, content marketing and much more. We’ll be adding new content on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new and exciting.

What will the cost be for this new resource?

Best news of all, anyone can access any of these resources for free. Just hop onto the resource center when it goes live, find your topic, and get the information you need.  Want to know how to upload a video to YouTube?  We’ll have that. Need a checklist on how to optimize a blog post?  You’ll find it there. Need a guide on image sizes for posts, social channels and more?  Yep, that will be there too.

What if the content you’re looking for isn’t there?

New marketing tactics, tricks and techniques come out daily, so this will be an ongoing project. If you don’t see it, chances are it’ll be there soon. However, if “soon” isn’t soon enough for you, contact us! We’ll put your idea at the top of our list as the next resource to create.

There are many resources where you can find templates and other information for marketing, but our marketing resource center will provide information specifically targeted to the small business owner. No fancy spreadsheets (OK, we’ll have spreadsheets but they won’t be fancy), no long to-do lists, no mind-numbing case studies to sift through. Easy, quick and helpful content. That’s what you’ll find.

Stay tuned for our official launch date!

Patty Hughes
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