UpClose Publications articleOne of our goals as a small business marketing company is to continually share helpful information that business owners can use to market their company. Recently, a lot of that content has been about how to keep marketing during tough times and what tactics to focus on. We were thrilled when UpClose Publications reached out to us to write an article about small business marketing after seeing one of those posts on our Facebook page!

Titled, “Marketing During an Economic Downturn is a Smart Move for Small Businesses,” the short article talks about the value of continuing marketing efforts during the most challenging times, quoting a few companies who historically persevered through economic downturns by continuing their efforts to stay in front of prospects and clients, finding prosperity when the economy recovered.

A big thank you to UpClose Publications for the opportunity to share our expertise in small business marketing. You can read the whole article in UpClose Publications here.

As always, we’ll continue to share tips, ideas, and insights on how to better and more successfully market your small business. Be sure to visit our blog page weekly or sign up to have them sent directly to your inbox!


Patty Hughes
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