A CRM is an important tool in helping you not only manage your sales efforts, but track the effectiveness of your marketing as well. Where do your leads come from? Which marketing source has the highest conversion?  Are you getting good ROI? We provide some good content on CRMs that you need to check out!  Need help with finding or using a CRM? We can help…Contact us!

Small Businesses Need a CRM to Help with Marketing

Most small businesses start out the same:  a great idea, starting off slowly, and gradually building up as more customers come on board. Along with the growth in revenue comes the need for more tools and processes to manage the business overall. One tool that many small business owners find critical to managing their [...]

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Using a CRM for Sales and Marketing Efforts

As entrepreneurs start new businesses, they're typically organizing their contacts through a collection of business cards, sticky notes, etc. At some point, they may graduate to putting all the contact data in an Excel spreadsheet, or they use their accounting software, such as QuickBooks, as their way of tracking customer contact data, thinking that [...]

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