Video marketing is a MUST for all small business owners, but not everyone is familiar with the basics of YouTube, such as how to create a channel, upload a video, or optimize a video for the best results. We’re excited to announce our new YouTube how-to video series to help any small business owner through the process.

How to upload a video

For those of you who already have a channel, we’ve got a very simple video on how to upload a video to YouTube giving very basic step-by-step instructions on how to upload your video.

How to optimize your YouTube channel

YouTube channelWhether you’ve already created a channel or are just getting started, be sure to check these videos out!  We’ll be adding new videos to the series, but start with our first few we’ve got posted to get started. Remember, your YouTube channel needs to be visually attractive, so check out our video on how to gather graphics for your channel and ensure they’re the correct size.  We’ve also posted a short video on how to complete your about page on YouTube.   It’s very common for people to skip over this important step; don’t make the same mistake!  It’s easy to optimize your YouTube channel if you follow the steps.

Up next:  The final steps of video optimization

The next video in the optimization series is verifying and setting defaults. This one will save you a lot of time, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get alerted when this one goes live.

We have plenty more in our YouTube series so stay tuned!  Still not comfortable with handling YouTube yourself even after watching these videos?  We can help with your video marketing! We’ll connect you with professional yet affordable video resources, help upload and optimize your videos, and market them to help attract new customers.

Patty Hughes
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