Customer reviews are one of the most powerful sources of leads for any small business, yet most business owners are hesitant to ask their customers for them. If you’re looking find out how to use testimonials as part of your marketing strategy, start by reading our blog posts on the topic. Sometimes the hardest part of getting customer feedback is asking! In our articles we provide ways to get more reviews from customers, how to ask, when to ask, and overall best practices to follow. You’ll become a pro at asking for testimonials in no time! Be build referral business and customer reviews into all of our small business marketing plans. And you should too! Contact us if you need more help getting customer reviews.

Using Social Proof to Increase Website Engagement

Social proof can be one of the best ways to get people to engage with your brand. While small businesses work hard to educate their clients and prospective clients about who they are and what they offer, consumers tend to trust what others say about you vs. what you have to say about yourself. To [...]

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Using Customer Reviews to Market Your Business

One of the more powerful ways to market your business is through customer reviews, yet many small business owners have a difficult timing asking clients for reviews. This article talks about using customer reviews to market your business, including why they’re so effective, how to ask for reviews, how to leverage reviews, and what [...]

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