Sales and Marketing Integration

Many companies make the mistake of assuming that sales and marketing are two completely different activities and fail to make sure the two are working in cooperation with each other. This can leave a lot of potential revenue on the table for small businesses! For a company to grow successfully, the two have to work together synergistically. It doesn’t matter if a company has two seperate teams, or one person handling both, seamless integration is key to long-term success.

The reality is, marketing needs sales and sales needs marketing.

One of the most difficult challenges that small businesses face is how to integrate the efforts of sales and marketing to turn it into a well-run system that generates qualified leads that will ultimately turn into sales. The importance of sales and marketing integration can’t be emphasized enough. Why is integration so important?  First, it reduces customer confusion when they hear one message from marketing, and a different message from sales. Second, sales can better align their sales pitch to a prospective client if they understand the marketing message that resonated with them. Most importantly, the lead flow runs more effectively when they go from a marketing qualified lead to a sales lead. Integration of efforts is crucial to success.

Do you struggle to align your sales and marketing efforts? Are you having difficulty getting the two teams to work together instead of at odds with one another? We can help! Let us help you with sales and marketing integration to generate more business and more revenue for your company.