Our latest expert interview is with Doug Smith, founder of Douglas Smith Design. He shares his expertise on graphic design and where he sees the future of the industry headed.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into this industry

My professional background began with a job creating layouts and painting large format billboards for the outdoor advertising industry, along with backdrops for TV commercials and trade show exhibitors. I’ve worked within graphic design departments for national corporations, marketing firms and ad agencies as a graphic designer, illustrator, art director and photographer.

When did you start Douglas Smith Design?

I started my own design firm in 1991. Several years later Chris Williamson had joined me as a graphic designer. We have worked together as a creative design team ever since. Our design and photography studio is also located within a major printing facility.

Why would people want a service like this?

People use our creative services to help promote their businesses.

What’s one of the best success stories you’ve had with Douglas Smith Design? 

I believe the real success story is our longevity in the business and the fact that we have been working with our clients for many years. We have taken our creativity through many mediums and along with their vision we have all grown and have been successful.

The success story to me is when we have clients tell us that we made them look great! And we were part of their success in growing their business.

Why can’t people just handle their design work on their own? 

Graphic & web design and photography are an ever evolving process. Our design capabilities along with the latest technologies and processes allow us to provide a client with an exceptional product that is stress free, on time, and on target. We also have an understanding of digital and copyright uses for images that will be used on your projects.

Where do you see the future of design going? 

I believe the future of graphic design is diversity in the use of all mediums of print marketing and digital, it will just evolve as it always has. Design is still design!

Patty Hughes
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