Strategic Marketing Services was recently invited to come in and conduct a marketing strategy workshop for APS’ Diverse Supplier Training Program, also known as DSTP.

The program is offered by APS, and has been available to small business owners for 15 years. The Supplier Diversity Training Program was created to help participants grow their companies while learning how to do business with APS and others in the utility industry. Participants in the program attend 16 sessions over the course of seven months to learn from APS subject matter experts, small business guest speakers and business simulations. It also includes six-month individualized business mentoring by the Business Mentor Team.

Marketing strategyWe walked the group through the basics of how to create a marketing strategy. The class learned about how to identify their target audience, ideal client, unique value proposition, competitor research, and several other aspects involved in a small business marketing strategy. The interactive workshop encouraged participants to walk through their businesses challenges and strengths and helped the group with the basics of creating their own customized marketing strategy for their business. Participants gave feedback on how to better clarify each component of the strategy as each section was discussed, providing suggestions on improvement while better understanding how to hone their own messaging. It was a lively discussion!

Strategic Marketing Services has been an active volunteer for the Business Mentor Team, and was invited to conduct the workshop as part of that partnership. We were thrilled at the opportunity and enjoyed working with the several motivated small business owners that were eager to learn how they could improve their marketing efforts through a small business marketing plan. This is the second time that we’ve been invited in to speak and appreciated the opportunity.

If your small business or association is looking for a marketing strategy workshop, contact us today!


Patty Hughes
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