This is the season where everyone takes a moment to reflect upon all that they are thankful for, and here at Strategic Marketing Services, we’re doing the same! It’s our turn to say thank you!

First, we’re thankful for our fantastic clients!  We have been so fortunate to work with all kinds of small business owners over the years, and have enjoyed working with them as their businesses grow and prosper. Though our client base is diverse, we love taking the time to learn each and every client’s business so that we may better serve them through intelligent marketing for small businesses. We most certainly would not be where we’re at today if it wasn’t for our clients, many who have been with us since day one!

We’re also thankful for our marketing partners who provide services to our clients, sharing their deep expertise in areas such as website design, video marketing and graphic design. We were with several strategic partners to provide marketing services to our clients, and every time we provide a referral, it’s our personal stamp of approval letting our clients know they’re the best at what they do!

business mentor teamPart of being a small business owner is giving back, and we’ve had the pleasure of serving as a small business mentor for the Business Mentor Team for several years now. We enjoy not only sharing our expertise in areas such as small business marketing strategies, sales and marketing integration, CRMs and more, but also thrive in partnering with other small business professionals to help coach small business owners grow their business. We also provide free marketing services for a few small associations and non-profits (stay tuned for chance to nominate your favorite non-profit for 2018)!

As a small business ourselves, we know how much hard work goes into keeping your small business going. We’re thankful every day that we can continue doing what we love:  helping small businesses grow their business through effective marketing. It’s our turn to say thank you to all of those who made it possible!

Patty Hughes
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