At Strategic Marketing Services, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic small businesses over the years and have been thrilled to help them grow their companies through effective marketing efforts. Understanding that not every small business, especially charities, can pay for marketing (or even do it themselves!), we’re seeking to work with a charity and provide free marketing services for six months. With so many worthy charities, it’s difficult to choose just one, so we’re turning to our readers to help nominate a charity for free marketing services.

What we’re offering

We offer intelligent marketing for small businesses. Whether that’s social media, content marketing, email marketing, or any other tactic, we help small businesses get in front of more prospects to help grow their business. We’re offering $500 a month in FREE marketing services for a charity, and will work with them to decide which marketing activities will work best for them. We can help set up social media accounts, or work on accounts they already have set up. We can help write content for their website, or we can better SEO-optimize the content they already have. Perhaps they’re looking for a way to reach out more frequently to their list of donors; we can help with an email marketing approach that gets results! No two charities are alike, so we’ll customize a free marketing plan for the winning charity and then provide those services for six months.

charityHow we’ll choose a charity

We’re reaching out to our blog readers, Facebook fans and newsletter recipients to nominate a charity. Here are the requirements for a charity to be eligible to win:

  1. Must be based in Arizona
  2. Must be a non-profit status
  3. Must have a clearly defined mission and program

All charities will be researched through GuideStar.

We’ll accept nominations for charities starting June 9, 2017 through June 30, 2017. To nominate a charity, you can:

  1. Comment on our Facebook page:
  2. Email us and use “Charity nomination” in the subject line
  3. Use the hashtag #smsAZcharitywork and tweet your favorite charity

Please tell us why you feel they deserve to win free marketing services. You can nominate as many charities as you’d like, but only one charity per submission. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to keep up on the voting! When voting closes, we’ll reach out to the nominated charity and let them know they’ve won!

Our commitment

We’re committed to the ongoing support of deserving charities, which means we’ll be seeking new charity nominations again in six months. If your charity doesn’t win this round, don’t worry! There will be another opportunity to nominate your charity again.

Thank you for supporting our effort to give back!

Patty Hughes
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