Blogging has been a tried-and-true marketing method for many years now, but as is the case with most tactics, how we blog has changed dramatically. With all the new marketing technologies out there, is blogging still important to small business marketers? Let’s take a look.

Blogging showcases your industry’s expertise

Not all small business owners have the opportunity or desire to do a substantial amount of public speaking or write a book. However, they do have a lot of expertise to share, and blogging is a great platform on which to do that. For blogs to be engaging to readers, they have to provide information that people are seeking or answer questions that people are asking. If small business marketers position their blog posts to address these needs, not only will your readership be more engaged, but you’ll be able to showcase your industry’s expertise which makes it more likely that prospects will turn to you when considering your product or service.

Blogging still helps with SEO

Yes, SEO has changed significantly over the years but the truth is, blogging still helps with SEO. How? The practice of writing high-quality, SEO-friendly content on a regular basis can help improve website visibility and rankings by driving traffic to your website. While your focus on blogging should be more about the writer than checking off all of the SEO boxes, there are a few basics to keep in mind as you write your blog post. First, consider your topic and what your primary keyword phrase will be for that topic. Use that keyword phrase in the title, URL, and a few (but not too many!) times throughout the blog post. When you go to post the blog post on your website, be sure to also use that phrase in the meta description. Make your blog reader-friendly by breaking it up into sections, using headers for each section. HubSpot wrote a great article on other tips to SEO-optimize your blog post….it’s worth a read!

Blogging is a marketing tactic anyone can do

Let’s face it: marketing is getting more complicated. There are all kinds of tools and techniques that the average small business owner simply doesn’t have time to master. However, anyone can write! Sure, you need to make sure the content is engaging and helpful, but no need to sit through a training course to write a blog post. All it takes is knowing what your readership wants to read and taking the time to write. While some marketers tell you there are very specific guidelines for blogging, the truth is, if you write what people want to read, you’ll reap the benefits. Sure there are some basic guidelines to writing a good blog post from a structural or SEO standpoint, but in the end, it’s about your target audience who really doesn’t care about word counts.

Blogging provides great content to share on social channels

If you’re constantly struggling with what you should put on your social media channels next, blogging may be the answer! One of the best ways for people to find your blog posts is to share them on your social channel! Here’s the idea: share the title, an enticing snippet, and a link to the blog post. If they’re interested, they’ll bite, and click through to your site. If not, they’ll at least get a bit of a snippet to see you’re sharing your expertise. Win-win!

Blogging is great for enhancing your email efforts

Similar to social media, you can leverage your blog posts in your email efforts. Use your email list to engage potential readers with your latest blog post. It’s another powerful way to reach your target audience and provide value in exchange for their email address.

The short answer is, yes, blogging is still important to small business marketers. Of course, if you simply don’t have the time or desire to create content for your company, you can always engage a small business marketing consultant to write on your behalf. Either way, keep on blogging if you’re doing it now, and if not, the time to start is now!

Patty Hughes
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