The visual aspect of your content marketing effort is just as important as the text. Blogs without images are boring. An infographic with just text can be overwhelming and dry. Even content pieces like checklists and guides are greatly enhanced by using images. While there are a lot of options for stock photos these days, sometimes the best option is to take your own picture. Here are a few easy tips on how to take better pictures to use in your content marketing.

Take time to set up your lighting

ring light for better picturesIf you must take pictures from home or your studio, it may not be easy to achieve the intended amount of lighting without a little bit of effort. We’ve all gotten a bit more aware of lighting these days with everyone on video calls; that same consideration needs to go you’re your photography lighting too. When possible, consider natural lighting so the lighting is neither too bright nor too dark. You may also consider using devices such as a ring light to provide flawless photographs. You also want to avoid using flashlights or other more direct lighting because they can often compromise an image with how they reflect in one’s eyes (we’ve all seen those red-eyed photos in the past!). The key is to look for places that make sense for the photos you need that can give you the best lighting. Any place inside or outside can do the trick if the lighting is good. While it might take a few tries, you’ll soon be able to spot when the lighting is ideal for a good photograph.

Be creative with your photography

These days, you must be creative to appeal to your audience and capture their attention. The best way to do that is to be a little creative. When possible, try to avoid a simple “point and shoot” photo where the item is the only object in the photo. Think about what’s surrounding the item and how it can enhance the attractiveness of the product. For instance, if you sell slippers, don’t just take a picture of slippers on the floor or counter or in the box. Take a picture with someone wearing them or residing next to a bathtub in a well-appointed master bath or surrounded by a fluffy robe. Give people an enticing image that leads their imagination to your product. Get creative when snapping those photographs so that they’re memorable. Just like when you’re selling a home, you want the photo to help people connect to the object of the picture.

Get the right equipment for better pictures

tripod for better picturesWhile you don’t need to go out and buy professional equipment, a few basics will go a long way in creating an attractive photo. You want your content to look flawless and be visible to your audience very clearly. The biggest mistake people make is posting blurry pictures, usually because they’re holding the camera and snapping a shot. Consider purchasing a tripod for your cameras, or if you use a smartphone, a phone stands to prevent your photographs from getting blurred or distorted. The better the picture, the greater will be your chances of marketing yourself online. Add a ring light and you’re already set up for better pictures!

Understand the resolution needed

photo resolution for better picturesYou may have noticed that as you increase your smartphones’ resolution, the quality starts to disintegrate. The picture either starts becoming a blur or grainy because the camera lens cannot focus properly. If you’re looking to take photos on a regular basis for your marketing, you should consider a camera. You don’t need to buy an expensive, professional-level model, but we sure to buy a camera that has a high-resolution point. This camera makes it easier for you to take pictures without worrying that they might become blurry.  The resolution of your pictures needs to be high enough to look good on both large and small screens, i.e., on both smartphone, tablet, and desktop screens. 72dpi is a good standard to follow. Usually, the bigger the better (unless you are taking your photographs on a high-resolution digital camera).

Try to keep editing to a minimum

photo editing for better picturesThe beauty of everyone having a camera on their phone these days is that we’ve all become accustomed to less than perfect photos. While you always want to put your best foot forward in your content marketing, excessively editing an image can end up ruining it. When you edit a picture multiple times by using one filter after the other, or photoshopping endlessly, the picture ceases to have an impact because it’s no longer genuine. Your images should be original, and if editing is required, then the editing should be minimal. Your followers come to social media to find something unique and authentic. They will only be turned off by multiple filters, which is why you should employ filters only if they are a necessity. While some creativity in the editing process is fun and sometimes necessary, overdoing it will turn off your audience and impact your content marketing overall.

Be real for better pictures

If your content marketing photography includes people as subjects, take candid pictures. They will help your model feel less conscious of themselves and more genuine. Posed images are painfully obvious and strained smiles are a definite turnoff. Your audience is looking for authenticity so keep it real!

Authentic, original photography can greatly enhance your content marketing efforts. With a little planning, preparation, and practice, you can create better pictures and build your own library of unique photography that can elevate your content marketing to the next level.

Patty Hughes
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