Having a strong online presence is critical to the success of small businesses today. One of the best ways to establish that presence on a local level is to take advantage of all that Google Business Profile has to offer. Not sure you’ve optimized your profile? Check out these tips.

What is Google Business Profile?

With Google Business Profile, you can manage how your local business shows up across Google products, like Maps and Search. If you run a business that serves customers at a particular location, or you serve customers within a designated service area, your Business Profile can help people find you.

What can you do with a Google Business Profile?

According to Google, with a Business Profile, you can:

  • List your hours, website address, phone number, and location.
  • Use Google Maps and Search to stay up to date with your online presence wherever you are.
  • Post photos of your business and its products and services.
  • Collect and respond to reviews from customers.
  • Improve how your business appears online so new customers can find you.
  • Point customers to your website.

What else can small businesses use Google Business Profile for?

Besides the fundamentals listed above, here are a few suggestions for small businesses to get the most out of their Google Business Profile (GBP):

Add images on a regular basis

One of the easiest ways to keep your online profile fresh and engaging is to add images on a regular basis. For each picture posted, you can indicate if it’s a team photo, an internal image, an external image, and more information about the photo. Make it a habit to try and post a new photo at least once a week! Be sure you’re using original photos!

Vary your type of posts

On GBP, you can post images, events, and updates; be sure to take advantage of all these options to keep your online presence fresh and relevant. Share blog posts, add an upcoming event, or post an image. Mixing it up will keep it interesting for readers.

Have an enticing call to action

Whenever you create a post for Google My Business, you always want to include a call to action. Google My Business allows you to choose from the following calls to action:

  • Book
  • Order Online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Call Now

Always keep your target keyword phrases in mind when updating your profile

Just like any content marketing effort, always use your target keywords and keyword phrases when posting content to your GBP. Not sure what are the best phrases to use? Work with a small business marketing consultant to help you craft a targeted list.

Try to focus on your location

Keep in mind that your Google Business Profile is locally based with the intent of targeting local businesses. Be sure to use your location (city, state, etc.) as relevant in your posts, descriptions, and events whenever possible.

Google Business Profile is a fantastic way to elevate your small business online. Be sure to get the most out of your profile by following these simple suggestions!

Patty Hughes
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