If you’re a small business owner, you know what a juggling at your day can be. Between getting new business, completing and delivering the work, and handling all the operational functions involved in running a small business, it can leave precious little time for keeping up to date on the latest trends in marketing.  Yet staying up on those trends and learning about new marketing techniques can be valuable, but who has time to commit hours to reading articles?  Below are 6 marketing videos worth watching to learn the latest and greatest in small business marketing, listed in no particular order.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

This is a great little started video that explains the overall areas of focus small businesses owners need to have in order to be successful in their digital marketing areas. Not so much a how-to video as an overall best practices plan on how small business owners should approach their digital marketing efforts. Many of these concepts will be supported by a small business marketing strategy.

Small Business Marketing Tips:  Choosing and Using Imagery

If you’re doing any kind of content marketing such as blogging, you know how difficult it is to find good quality, affordable images. You can easily spend hours looking for images to suit your needs, which is not the best use of your time. If you’re unsure how to pick and use the appropriate images for your small business’s marketing materials, watch this helpful video from Vistaprint . They provide some great tips on finding the right pictures and images for your small business.

Facebook Marketing Tips

It seems like every day, a new article comes out about how to use Facebook.  Ever wonder why? Because Facebook and other social media marketing can be extremely powerful if used correctly. However, oftentimes, small business owners will just throw whatever they think might be interesting on their Facebook page, and have no idea what if any engagement they’re getting.  This video provides a lot of good information in a very visual format.  Check it out!

The PPC Lead Lifecycle and How to Increase Revenue

Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a small business owner’s best ally or worst enemy.  It’s an extremely effective way to advertise if done correctly, or a complete money suck if done incorrectly. Check out this video by Vertical Measures and learn how to track your PPC leads, increase conversions, and ensure your marketing and sales teams know how to accelerate your revenue.

SEO For Small Business

Rand Fishkin has spent years educating businesses on all aspects of SEO.  Want to know the latest and greatest in search  engine optimization?  This is the guy you want to listen to.  His no-nonsense approach to SEO is a refreshing change to many of the strategies others put forward. He makes the concept of SEO easy to understand, and in no time, you’ll understand the importance of SEO to your business’s online presence.

Introduction to Content Marketing

If you haven’t yet embraced the concept of content marketing, now is the time.  This is a great little video that explains the basic ins and outs of what to do and how to measure it. This video illustrates how content marketing is more than just a buzzword – it’s a tried-and-true marketing tactic that small businesses can use to reach customers in an authentic way, without having to spend a lot of money. Customers appreciate learning about a company or business through custom content.

There is a massive collection of marketing videos, books and small business marketing blogs where small business owners can get educated on marketing.  Take the time to keep your marketing knowledge up to date, and utilize the best tactics in your day to day marketing efforts.

Patty Hughes
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