What are Hashtags? How To Know Which Ones To Use and Where To Use Them

You see people using hashtags all the time but what are they? How do they work? How do you decide which tags are best to use for your business? You've got questions….we've got answers! Check out our short video to learn all about hashtags.

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wondering what are hashtags, how to know which ones to use and where to use them? This short video gives an explanation so you can be successful with online posts and using them.

Hashtags are the phrases you see with the pound or number sign before it. It’s a way to label and catalog content under a certain theme or category online. For example, clicking on #catlady will show you images and other online content about women who love their cats and cat images.

Hashtags are primarily used on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Whenever you’re choosing tags to use, you want to use a combination of commonly used hashtags or trending hashtags to get found in the bunch, and then unique ones to build your own online catalog of content.

Use tools like Hashtagify.com or RiteTag.com to research tags. We hope this helps you better understand what hashtags are and how to use them in your online posts.

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