How To Add a Video To Your WordPress Blog Post Using an Embed Code from YouTube

Ready to take your blog posts up a notch by adding video? Watch this quick, step-by-step video on how to add a video to your WordPress blog by using embed codes. So easy!!

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Learn how to quickly and easily add a video to your WordPress blog post using an embed code from YouTube.

Adding a video to your WordPress blog is extremely easy when you use a YouTube embed code. Simply copy your embed code, and then go to your WordPress account and go to your new blog post.

Switch to the “text” setting on the blog, and paste your embed code. When you switch back to the “visual” setting you’ll see your video thumbnail and since you embedded the video in your blog, the video will play nicely on your blog around your text and won’t re-direct people to YouTube.

You want to add videos to your blog posts to make your posts more engaging for your viewers. Blogs are still important for your website and for Google to see your website is alive and breathing; however, people like to receive information through videos so adding a video to your blog can be very beneficial!

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