How to Upload a Video to LinkedIn

Ready for another how-to video? This video shows you two ways that you can upload a video to LinkedIn. So easy! Watch it now and then try it for yourself!

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Learn how to upload a video to LinkedIn. There are two ways to do it; however, our social media video marketing tips recommends a particular way.

LinkedIn is a great platform to post on if you’re looking to connect with other business owners and business professionals. LinkedIn has about 500 million users with 250 million monthly active users. When you’re posting a video to LinkedIn, you can directly upload the video and add a comment.

A second way is to use your comments. Within your comments, you can add a link to your YouTube playlist. This will allow people to watch more of your content because when one video ends, the next will play. That’s it! Two easy ways to post!

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We endeavor to create short, easy to follow marketing videos that can help small business owners with their own video marketing efforts. If you’re just getting started with video marketing, be sure to visit our all of our videos in our resource center!

Patty Hughes
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