How To Fully Optimize Your Videos On YouTube Step 8 of 9 – How To Utilize Playlists

Here's the next how-to video in our series on optimizing your videos for YouTube. Watch this short video and learn about utilizing playlists to better organize your videos. It's so easy! Try it now!

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Thursday, July 5, 2018

This video details the second to the last step in our series on how to optimize your videos. How do you keep viewers watching your content? The answer? Playlists! Learn how to utilize playlists!

Retaining an audience is the key component of YouTube optimization, and sustaining a growing YouTube channel! A playlist is one of the key tools to manage this. Playlist placement, specificity, and advertising all play a key role in the process, both with the other steps and alone!

Whenever your videos are organized in playlists people are more likely to watch more of your content. Just like a music playlist, one video will play after another. Below the social post is where you can add your videos to playlists and create playlists while you’re first uploading.

Place the video in as many lists as it can relate to. This is the simple 8th step for the 9 steps to YouTube optimization, how to utilize playlists.

Need a refresher course on the other optimization steps such as adding tags, using cards and adding end screens to your videos on YouTube? Take a look at all of our other videos now by visiting our Resources page, or contact Strategic Marketing Services to take care of all of your small business marketing needs. We’re here to help!

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