How to Fully Optimize Your Videos on YouTube: Utilizing End Screens

Here's this week's how-to video about optimizing your YouTube videos. Watch this quick video about utilizing end screens in your videos.

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Monday, June 11, 2018

End screens are some of the best yet most under-utilized tools on YouTube! Learn how effectively utilizing end screens in your videos can enhance your videos.

Having end screens creates a connected and optimized online presence. This video details step 5 of 9; how to utilize these vital visual elements. End screens are populated in the last 20 seconds of a video, and should be used to add a link to a video or playlist.

Always, always, always add a link to subscribe, which will populate the image of a profile picture, and a custom image to encourage viewers to go to a site of your choice (a website, merchandising site, crowdfunding site, etc.). This will connect whatever content you create to your greater online presence, and allow for greater reception of your message!

Did you miss previous steps in our video optimization series? Catch up now! Visit our resources page now! to view the previous videos on optimization. Or contact Strategic Marketing Services to take care of all of your small business marketing needs. We’re here to help if you need us!

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