Small business owners are limited on time. They have to run their business, bring in new clients, and do everything else required to run a business, so activities like attending marketing conferences aren’t typically on their radar. However, in order to grow your small business, it’s important to keep updated on the latest marketing trends and how they can help you bring in more sales and more revenue. With so many choices out there, it’s hard to decide which ones to spend your time and money attending. Below are the 5 best marketing conferences for small businesses. While you may not be able to attend them all, these should be on your list of conferences to consider.

1. Content Marketing World – I know, right off the bat a few people are thinking, “A whole conference dedicated to one marketing tactic?” But this one is worth the money and the time. The best and the brightest present and attend this show, and the information you’ll gain can substantially change the way you approach content marketing. Content marketing continues to be the hottest topic in marketing for good reason: it’s a tried and true, proven approach to marketing to today’s prospects and clients. You need to know how to do it right to be effective. Take the time to check this one out. You’ll walk away with a better understanding about planning for content marketing efforts, executing a content marketing strategy, and measuring the results. Well worth the time to attend.

2. American Marketing Association – While AMA offers conferences throughout the year, the annual conference is one worth considering. Yes, you’ll be sitting next to some enterprise-level marketers, but the agenda is designed to share valuable information regardless of the size of your company. They cover topics for both B2B and B2C companies, and discussions range from writing a marketing plan to content marketing to brand strategy and much more. Be sure to peruse the agenda to find the workshops best suited for your small business. They offer enough different sessions that you’ll be hard-pressed not to find several that you’ll benefit from. This is one of the better marketing conferences for small businesses.

3. Small Business Expo – these conferences are held in 10 major cities throughout the U.S. so chances are, you won’t have to hop a plane to find one near you. While the conference isn’t dedicated solely to marketing, they offer a few solid marketing-targeted sessions. An overall good use of your time to help grow your business. The networking alone makes this one a great event, but with the agenda geared towards small business, you’ll find the information applicable and the takeways can benefit your small business right away.

4. Pubcon – this is the largest digital marketing conference around, and one that many companies consider a can’t miss. It’s the premier social media and optimization conference, is supported by the industry’s leading businesses in social media, Internet marketing, SEO, and digital advertising, presented by the world’s top speakers in provocative sessions. This one is fantastic if you’re looking for a comprehensive education in digital marketing. This one’s in Las Vegas so plan accordingly!

5. SXSW – At first glance, you might think this one isn’t for you, but take a second look. SXSW, brings the best minds in film, music, and business together to discuss innovation and change. Their interactive workshops are powerful in helping all businesses learn the latest marketing techniques.

There are many conferences and workshops that small business owners can attend, but these five in particular are ideal for picking up marketing tips, tricks and techniques that you can apply to your everyday marketing activities right away. Be sure to check out these marketing conferences for small businesses and commit to attending at least one to help your small business grow.

Patty Hughes
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