Small business marketers are always looking for new ways to improve their marketing efforts. There are numerous marketing books out there with innovative ideas, but many small business owners and marketers simply lack the time nowadays. That is where podcasts can prove invaluable. We have sorted through many of today’s marketing podcasts and found a few gems that can help you up your marketing game.

What is a podcast?

While many small business owners have heard of podcasts, if you have never listened to one, you may not exactly know what they are, how to find them, and how to listen or subscribe to them. A podcast is an audio program similar to talk radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like. Many are broken down into episodes and/or by topic. While some podcasts might be a curation of what was already presented on the radio, many more are made of completely original content and can range from a one-minute summary to a 2+ hour original presentation. While some video podcasts exist, most are still audio-only, making them easy to listen to in your car, while you are exercising, at your desk, or…wherever! Ideally, subscribing to a podcast will provide you with the most in-depth information, but not all podcasts require that. When you subscribe to a podcast, it changes your relationship from searching for content to receiving content. You no longer must keep track of all your favorite shows. or search for new episodes. Instead, your podcast app will now keep track of your favorite podcasts; new episodes will automatically come directly to your phone.

Marketing podcast we think stand out

How do you choose which podcasts are best for helping your marketing skills? Well, it depends on what you are looking to learn more about: social media? Email marketing? SMS marketing? SEO? There are all kinds of dedicated podcasts about these topics, or ones that cover a host of topics. Here are a few we think check off all the boxes:

Marketing Made Simple – the title describes what it does. Every week on Marketing Made Simple, you will get practical tips to make your marketing easy and make it work! They cover a variety of topics with each episode lasting about 30 minutes more or less.

3-Minute Marketing – if you want small snippets of marketing brilliance, this is the podcast for you! Each episode is around six minutes long, with the second half dedicated to a micro-presentation from a marketer. Chris Mechanic, hosts and gives each guest three minutes to share a personal marketing lesson.

Marketing School – Neil Patel and Eric Siu—CEO of marketing agency Single Grain—tackle all manner of marketing topics. Each episode is again about six minutes long and is on daily. They currently have a library of almost two thousand episodes!

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast – this podcast has been delivering expert insights and tips for marketers since 2005. Host John Jantsch interviews top marketers and thought leaders for daily tips, tactics, and sources of inspiration geared toward small business marketing.

The Smart Marketer Podcast – this podcast primarily focuses on social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. Episodes are typically weekly. In addition to “how to” advice, they chat about marketing books and other resources to check out, so you will always have more resources to reference to continue your learning.

Most of the ones referenced above are all-around marketing podcasts, but you can definitely find more niche podcasts that just focus on SEO, social media, etc. If you are looking for new ways to up your marketing game and learn new tactics, give podcasts a try!

Patty Hughes
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