How to Fully Optimize Your Videos on YouTube: Descriptions

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Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Welcome to the How to Fully Optimize Your Videos On YouTube Series. This video is step 2 of 9, fully optimizing your descriptions. To have a fully optimized video description is to write with a 4-section process.

Section 1 of your description is the summary. It’s only 3-4 lines that is seen above the “show more”. Once again this should be a short summary to share why you should watch the video, what you’ll learn and how to connect with you. Also when you’re adding a link to your website or any other site, make sure you use the full URL with the http or https://

Section 2 of the description is where you want to put a longer summary or even a full transcription of the video. At the top of this section is also a great place to put hashtags. If you set up your channel correctly and thoroughly Section 3 and 4 should already appear when you’re uploading your video.

Section 3 of the description process is general information about you, your business or organization.

Section 4 is the “stay connected” area where you provide a call to action to your website once more, as well as links to your other active social media sites. To be considered optimized you need to have at least 2000-2500 characters of the 5000 character limit. Downloading the free Google Chrome extension Tubebuddy will once again really help you track your characters and you can find the download link below in the comments

This is step 2 of 9 for video optimization on YouTube.

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