We continue our expert interviews series by chatting with Taylor, founder of Financial Potion. She provides great insights on the world of video marketing and how it can help clients get more business.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into this industry

I have been working in the field of video marketing since 2009. My passion started early in high school participating in national organizations like Fresh Films, and Girls in the Director’s Chair. In my senior year of high school our Maryland team received 10th place in the SKILLSUSA national competition for broadcast news, and I was one of the anchors.

Video production was a perfect industry for me because you constantly have to learn to stay in the game, I get to interact with some of the most amazing people in the world and build great friendships all while having to stay creative and organized.  Some could say I’m an organized freak and I embrace it! And being in a career where I can stay creative will always keep my spirits alive and even more so when it’s used to help a good cause.

When did you start Financial Potion?

Our company, Financial Potion, was established on July 4, 2014. Through our company, my husband and I help business owners communicate in a more authentic and engaging way with custom video marketing solutions. From thought to distribution, Financial Potion is the highest quality, full service video marketing company for the price conscious entrepreneur.

Why would people want a service like this?

Through effective video marketing we have been able to help people sell out their events, sell their products, and promote their services more effectively. Some people feel they can use their own cell phone to capture video, and this is the case for small social media posts; however when it comes to marketing your business, you need to have a high quality first impression, and that only happens when you work with a professional video marketing company. Video has been known to have one of the highest R.O.I out of any other marketing tactic.

Video is the “potion” to relieve business owners of their financial worries.  The number one wish business owners have is to have a clone. A video is your sales and customer service clone because it efficiently communicates with your contacts in an engaging and entertaining way. You can use one video for various uses and locations, and it instantly helps your SEO. You can improve your search ability even more when your video is fully optimized.

When a video is on your website a visitor is three times more likely to stay on your site. When people stay on your site they can educate themselves about your products or services and then make the confident decision to work with you, which mean more money in your pocket.

Whenever you prepare for an event it takes so much time and preparation, why only have it last for that hour, or day, or weekend?  You can allow your event to live forever through event videos. When you film an event it can be used for reselling as educational materials, showing people what they may have missed and promote your next event. We can film a single event and create a multitude of final videos that will be great for a client’s marketing and sales team.

Why can’t people just do videos on their own?

Sometimes you want a background that can’t be captured in your office or in nature, which you can’t do on your phone, so you need to bring it to a studio. Recording on a green screen allows you to put whatever you desire in the background! We have a couple of portable green, blue, white and black screens that can be brought to a client’s home or office. A studio can be created around you right before your eyes. Or you can come to our studio in central Phoenix. We really are a full service video production company so if you want to be in outer space, well, we will put you there!

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