While 2020 took a lot from us all, it has also taught us a few things in turn. People’s job statuses have shifted, business doors have closed for good, and consumers are no longer as ready to spend. We have been forced to put life’s little things into perspective and chose a bit more carefully where we put our money. Celebrities and influencers, no matter how big or small, are in the same boat. Yes, they are human and at the core more like each of us than we may think. Now more than ever, businesses’ big and small are in need of leads, sales turnover, and increased brand awareness. The perfect place to turn in order to accomplish just that might have been before our eyes the entire time: influencer marketing. Whether it is makeup or Maseratis, sneakers or shampoo, businesses want a mention from celebrities. Influencer marketing is nothing new. It has been a top marketing strategy for decades. In short, influencer marketing is a social media marketing strategy centered around celebrities endorsing products to consumers. This form of marketing matters because it works. No matter how big or small your business may be, let’s break down why influencer marketing matters.

Why influencer marketing matters to big businesses

influencer marketing for big businessesBig businesses always have room to get bigger. If a big enough audience is already being reached, maybe they can attract a more diverse one? When evaluating which influencer, you want touting their product around, credibility and appeal are key. Finding a figure that people look up to and respect will build trust for your brand. Yes, Kim Kardashian might have a huge following but do her beliefs align with the values of your business? It is exceedingly important that people can see your product and the person endorsing it as one. Consumers can more readily support a company or product if they can do the same for the big named person standing beside it. Just imagine… business is booming, consumers are loving what you are selling, and believe in the influencer endorsing it. That is a perfect storm and exactly how big business keeps growing.

Why should small businesses use influencer marketing?

small business influencer marketingIt is easy for small businesses to feel discouraged by the nature of this marketing. But why? Extremely sought-after celebrities might be hard to get your hands on to but there are some out there that are lived just as much but are not as huge. These influencers are called micro-influencers and are perfect for your small business. In fact, research shows that these influencers are even more influential on consumers’ awareness and commitment to a brand. Micro-influencers deliver 60% better engagement and 22% higher conversion rates. Their audiences are dedicated and stand by them for more loyal reasons than just winning a popularity contest. If you can find an influencer that matches your brand identity to a tee, you will want to cash into this strategy as fast as you can.

Influencer marketing at any level will increase consumer awareness of your business, create traffic to your site, get leads, and drive sales. So, what are you waiting for? See how influencer marketing can help your small business reach more prospective clients and see for yourself why influencer marketing matters!

Patty Hughes
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