Press releases can be a great way for small business owners to get the word out about an upcoming event, major accolade or any other newsworthy topic about their company. There are quite a few paid and free websites where you can submit your press release, but which ones are the best?  We’ve done the legwork for you and have found the best websites for small business owners to submit press releases. Some are paid, some are free so business owners will have options to choose from to make sure they’re getting the best exposure possible at the best possible price.

How press release distribution services help

If you’re using a press release distribution services, the submission process is fairly straightforward. Most have step by step instructions on how to submit a release with many services allowing you to copy-and-paste your content into an online text editor, then upload any multimedia that you want to include depending on which service option you choose. You can then add hyperlinks and other functionality before you publish it; again, depending on the level of service you use (free press release submission services tend to be more limited). It’s a good idea to peruse the service options between the free and paid services to you get exactly what you want when sending out your release.

Free press release submission services

Below is a list of some of the better free press release submission services. Almost all of them offer a paid version too, so make sure you choose the free option if you’re not looking to pay for your press release to be submitted online.

These are the ones we found most helpful and easy to use; there are actually quite a few others so if none of these fit the bill for what you’re looking for, just Google “free press release submission services” to find more options.

Paid press release submission services

Sometimes you need more options when it comes to submitting your release. Paid services allow you to add links, images, choose industries to submit too, and choose what publications you can submit to. You also have more choices regarding where the release is submitted to demographically. Besides the paid versions offered on the services listed above, check these out when you’re looking to get your release out to the public:

Other press release options

An often-overlooked resource for press release submission is industry-specific websites. You might also check in with your local paper to see if they allow you to submit a press release; good publications are always looking for good local news!

The basics of writing a good press release

If you have newsworthy content but aren’t sure how to format it appropriate, there are many press release templates out there that will help you. Here are a few we found to be helpful:

Of course, you can always hire a small business marketing professional to write the release for you. They’ll understand not only how to write an effective press release but do so with SEO in mind. They can also offer tips on how to make your press release more impactful for better results.

Press releases can be a fantastic way to generate buzz around your brand. If you have newsworthy content, don’t hesitate to use press releases as part of your overall marketing strategy. Knowing the best websites for small business owners to submit press releases should help make the process easier.

Patty Hughes
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