Think Outside the Box with Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

There are definitely tried and true marketing efforts that every small business owner should consider for their small business marketing strategy:  social media, email marketing, content marketing are good places to start. It's always a good idea to mix in some other marketing tactics as well, depending on your target audience, to help diversify [...]

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6 Free Marketing Ideas for Start-Ups

Starting a brand new business can be expensive, yet you can't ignore marketing if you expect to bring in new clients. So how exactly can you market your new business if you don't have any money for marketing?  Check out the list of ideas below for 6 free marketing ideas for start-ups. Get social [...]

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9 Effective Marketing Ideas for Churches

Churches are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to stay connected to their congregation while trying to find ways to reach new people. This can be challenging since churches may have a target audience spanning three generations, making it difficult to figure out the best way to communicate with people effectively. This article [...]

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7 Cool Marketing Ideas for Your Interior Design Business

The interior design business can be extremely competitive. Most professionals rely heavily on word of mouth referrals to keep growing their business, but there are actually quite a few great, inexpensive ways to increase your business's visibility to potential clients. Below are 7 cool marketing ideas for your interior design business that you can [...]

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No Cost Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry continues to be more and more competitive every day. Real estate agents are constantly looking for new ways to market themselves to make their services and expertise stand out from the crowd. Below are a few powerful marketing ideas for real estate agents that you can start right now. Start [...]

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Podcasts for Small Business Marketing Ideas

Podcasts for small business marketing is not a new concept. One of the main ideas behind having diverse content on your website is that people consume information in different ways. Some people are readers, others watch videos, and still others may prefer to consume information by listening. With so many small business owners juggling [...]

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Ideas for Marketing Your Start-Up

When you’re a brand new business owner, one of the first things you need to focus on is getting business in the door.  The challenge is that for start-ups, there’s typically no money available to spend to get your marketing efforts going.  Below are a few tips for small business owners to follow to [...]

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