Content Marketing is Vital for Small Business Websites

When small businesses first embark on content marketing efforts, they often question if it’s still of value because they struggle to find topics they feel are relevant to their readers. Keeping in mind that your content should be helpful to your readers, our favorite suggestion is to find out what questions people are asking and [...]

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How to Get Your Content Marketing to Support Voice Search

Voice search continues to be a hot topic in marketing. While voice search was once limited to speaking into your smartphone, the advent of smart speakers like Alexa and Google have made the ability to get on-demand information from almost anywhere. Understanding how people initiate searches and requests for information from these devices will help [...]

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Do You Need a Content Strategy to Succeed Online?

As the end of the year nears, many businesses take the time to step back, look at how well the year went, and how they can improve upon those successes for next year. That may include updating a business plan, re-evaluating budgets, or looking for new innovations to invest in for the upcoming year. [...]

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How to Use an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last five years, you've likely heard about how important content marketing is to your overall marketing efforts. Still, many small business owners who are a one-person operation might find the idea of coming up with new, fresh content ideas, as well as deciding which format [...]

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6 Reasons Your Company Should Not Do Content Marketing

Anyone who has been following the trends in marketing lately can't help but read about content marketing as being a potentially powerful tactic for companies both large and small. However, most of these articles fail to mention why, for some companies, there are reasons not to implement this approach. Below are 6 reasons your [...]

Small Business Content Marketing: What You Need to Know

There are so many ways to marketing your small business that for many, it becomes an overwhelming task.  In addition, new tools, tactics and ideologies seem to surface every day.  How can small business owners determine what’s the best approach, especially if they’re limited on time?  Content marketing can be the solution; read up [...]

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