Email marketing continues to be one of the more effective ways to market your small business, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas for those email blasts. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy list of small business email marketing ideas that you can use!

Industry news

industry newsIf your dedicated email list is engaged, chances are they’ll appreciate hearing about what’s happening in the industry in general. Regardless of what industry you’re in, chances are there are tips, trends, and other news that your readers may find of interest. It could include new service trends, new techniques, or predictions on how the industry will shake out in the upcoming year. Try subscribing to a couple of websites that cover your industry so you’re always in the loop on the latest industry news.

Curation of past blog posts

Savvy small business marketers know the importance of adding new, fresh content to their website on a regular basis. Breathe new life into those older blog posts by creation a curation of past blog posts. You can showcase a series of posts that cover the same topic or highlight the top five blog posts on your site that seemed to generate the most buzz with readers. Either way, you’re repurposing your content while driving new views to older blog posts. Of course, you want to review those older posts to ensure they’re still relevant before sharing, especially if you’re in an ever-changing industry!

Company news and milestones

Did your company just hit a milestone such as an anniversary or record sales?  These are great news items to add to an email blast! Share your excitement with your readers! If you’re recently added new personnel, a key employee was promoted, or have any other company news, be sure to share that as well! People love getting inside news on their favorite vendors, so keep them in the loop with these announcements.

Top 10 and other lists

listsLists continue to be an extremely popular format for content. People love it when you do the legwork for them, so create an email around the top 10 trends in your industry, your top 5 best-selling products, or whatever other types of lists you want to pull together. This type of content is popular and easy for readers to scan.

Social media emails

You want your target audience to connect with you in several different ways. If you have a strong email following, why not remind them that you’re on social media, and how they can connect? Make sure email subscribers know that they can connect with you outside of the inbox. You can add social media buttons to the emails you send out or create a special announcement, encouraging people to connect.

Re-engagement emails

Smart marketers know that it’s important to review email marketing reports to watch the performance. Bounce rates and open rates are key indicators, as well as clicks. Why not drill down a bit further and find those subscribers that don’t seem to be engaging at all, and reach out to them directly? Send a “We miss you” email or perhaps a special offer to get them back in the fold. Depending on your service or product, it might be a discount or something to get them engaged again.

Customer appreciation

It’s always a great idea to tell your customers how much you appreciate them! Take time to craft an email to your customers just to let them know you value their business. A short email “thank you” can go a long way!

Email marketing should always be a part of your small business marketing efforts. Try using the ideas above to shake things up a bit and keep your email marketing fresh!

Patty Hughes
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