When it comes to content marketing, we practice what we preach:  we keep an eye on what content resonated with our audience, measuring engagement and overall traffic and click-throughs to see which content pieces were most popular with our readers so we know how to craft our 2020 content marketing strategy. Curious to see which five blog posts made the cut?  Here are our five most popular blog posts of 2019 based on readership and engagement.

5 Hacks to Improve Your Email Open Rate          

5 Hacks to Improve Your Email Open RateThis wasn’t much of a surprise to us as we too are always looking for ways to increase our email engagement. Our blog post, “5 Hacks to Improve Your Email Open Rate”  gave five quick tips on how to get the most out of your email marketing, including words to avoid in your subject line to keep from getting caught in spam filters. If you haven’t read it, this might be a good quick read to check out.

Email Marketing Mistakes and Tips on How to Get it Right

email marketing mistakesA close second in blog post popularity was this article on common email marketing mistakes we all make and how to avoid those mistakes in the future. Here are a few of the most common email marketing mistakes many small business marketers make:

  • Buying email lists
  • Not segmenting email lists
  • Sending emails out without testing them first
  • Not putting enough thought into the subject line

Think you might be guilty of one or more of these?  Take a few minutes and read this blog; you’ll be surprised how much your email marketing could improve by avoiding these mistakes. It’s easy to see this was one of our most popular blog posts!

Instagram Tactics That Really Work

Instagram tacticsIf you feel like you’re putting a lot of time and energy into your social media marketing and not getting the traction you were hoping for, this might be just the right blog post for you. Instagram now has 1 billion monthly users and is considered the fastest growing social network so having a strong presence can really help your online presence. Curious what the Instagram tactics that really work are? Our suggestions include having a strategy, being strategic in how you use hashtags, and how to more efficiently manage your Instagram presence, to name a few. Even if you’ve done a fantastic job with your Instagram presence, chances are you can pick up a nugget or two of helpful information by reading this blog post, so check it out!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Company Branding

company brandingBranding is a challenge for a lot of our clients, so this wasn’t a big surprise to see this post, not written until October 2019, rise to the top five list. This handy blog post provides a list of easy-to-follow tactics to follow to establish or update a company brand. It also provides several tactics to avoid; ones that are actually quite common but should not be followed if you want to see your small business brand thrive. The biggest tip: be true to your brand. Know your culture, your voice, and who you are, and stay true to it in your branding. If you’re funny, be funny! If you’re old-school, be old-school! Don’t try to follow what others are doing if it’s not genuine to who you are.

Here Are Five Marketing Musts for Every New Small Business

Just getting started with your small business?  Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! Hang on…. you’re in for the ride of your life, but you’re going to love it! This blog post cuts through all static about what you should do for marketing when you first get started. We get it:  there are so many different ways to market your small business:  how do you choose?  Which social platforms? How often should you blog?  What about video?  All good questions! Check out our five marketing musts blog posts to get you started in the right direction on a solid marketing path.

Looking at our most popular blog posts was a great exercise for us as we embark on our content efforts for 2020. As always, we thank everyone who loyally follows our blog posts. Keep sending in those content ideas and marketing questions; we love using these topics for future blog posts to help make our small business marketing blog a helpful resource for business owners.

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