Halloween is a great time of year to really see companies get creative with their marketing messages. If you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration to get your Halloween marketing completed, check out our five favorite marketing articles. They’re so good, they’re scary!

“8 BIG Halloween Trends You Need to Know to Shape and Target Your Social Media Marketing This Halloween” by The ShelfHalloween marketing

This fun article by The Shelf discusses Halloween trends and how you can take advantage of these trends and leverage them for your own marketing efforts.  This is a great article, as it surpasses the usually Halloween-themed marketing messages by taking on what’s happening right now in 2018 and how to message your audience for Halloween. Sure, at this point, you’ve only got two days left for any Halloween messaging you may want to do, but this is a good guideline to look at next year’s trends and follow their advice.

“11 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Scare Up Sales This October” by AppInstitute

Some of the simple but brilliant suggestions that the AppInstitute’s Halloween article suggests are tweaking your brand with Halloween elements, launching a themed social media campaign around Halloween, and creating an email campaign around Halloween. Be sure to pop over to their site to read the whole article; good stuff!

“10 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses” by Business2Community

We’ve always been big fans of the marketing articles B2C puts out, but their Halloween marketing ideas article is downright fantastic! If you’re a brick and mortar business, you definitely want to take a page out of their playbook. They suggest a variety of fun and creative marketing approaches including handing out candy, usable Halloween bags (great promotional item!) and Halloween flash sales. Even if you’re late to do any Halloween marketing this year, a few of these can still be done. Be sure to add their whole list of ideas to your must-do marketing list for next Halloween!

“4 Halloween Marketing Content Ideas That Will Exorcise Your Creativity” by Social Toaster

An exceptional article about Halloween-themed content. We all struggle with coming up with creative, fun and effective content pieces. This article about content marketing around Halloween nails it! Even better, they provide a calendar for you to follow in order to get your message out in a timely and consistent manner. A must read!

“11 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business” by FunderaHappy Halloween

Here’s a great overall list of marketing ideas for small businesses, whether you’re brick and mortar or strictly online. What’s better is that every one of these helpful Halloween marketing ideas is easy to do, regardless of the size of your company. Tips that include decorating your business to throwing a costume party to Halloween-themed products are all so simple and yet so effective!  Get your business in the Halloween mood and see how your customer and prospects react. A fun way to increase revenue!

As small business owners, we’re always looking for new, fresh holiday marketing ideas. These five articles have fun, effective, creative suggestions that any business owner can implement. Get in the Halloween spirit and see how scary-good your sales can be!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Patty Hughes
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