How To Upload A Corrected SRT File When Posting A Video To Facebook

Our next Facebook video how-to! Watch how to upload a corrected SRT file when posting a video to Facebook.

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Monday, July 23, 2018

Watch how to upload a corrected SRT file when posting a video to Facebook.

When you’re directly uploading a video to Facebook, one of the steps is to add subtitles and captions. The easiest way to do this is to download the corrected SRT file from your optimized YouTube video, and then rename the file with the title name you have on Facebook. that is if the video is in English, then select that language and upload. You’ll now have captions on your video uploads.

The reason this is important is because videos are silent at first and then once someone starts reading along, the topic can spark the interest for the viewer to watch the video. Make sure you go in and correct your SRT file! Learning how to upload a corrected SRT file to Facebook when adding a video will enhance the impact of your video overall.

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