How To Directly Upload A Video To Facebook & Important Tools To Optimize The Post

Watch this quick video to learn how to correctly upload a video to Facebook and optimize it correctly for the best impact, including adding a custom image, framing, and much more. Check it out!

Posted by Strategic Marketing Services on Monday, July 16, 2018

Watch how to directly upload a video to Facebook; learn why it’s important to always directly upload and the important tools to optimize the post.

When posting a video to Facebook it’s important to always directly upload your videos. When the video is uploading you’re going to add your title, a description post of your video, as well as tags or keywords you want the video to get found for.

Then on the right hand side you’ll see where you can choose your thumbnail or upload a custom one, choose which pages you can cross promote the video on, upload corrected SRT files for closed captions, add tracking tags to organize your files internally, as well as 360 Director Tools if that’s technology you’re using.

Once again, to maximize your posts on Facebook, you always want to directly upload your videos and perform all the steps.

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