Most professional marketers are exceptional with words, but many aren’t quite as confident when it comes to formulas and numbers. If you are right-brained like most marketers, you most likely find Excel templates a bit intimidating. However, Excel’s ability to streamline tasks and organize information has remained unparalleled until now. An Excel project timeline template can create a clear overview of your marketing project from start to finish with the utmost ease. There’s actually no shortage of Excel templates you can use to make your marketing tasks easy and straightforward. Below are some of the useful Excel marketing templates available at your disposal.

Social Media Posting Schedule

social mediaIf you are like most people, it is likely that you are already using a social media scheduler to manage and publish social media posts each week, based on your social media marketing strategy. However, you can still use some help drafting social copies and figuring out where they will be published. An Excel social media posting schedule template also allows you to easily see the date and time a post will be published, the caption that goes with the posts, and any links that will be included, among many others.  Once all your social posts have been drafted, you can quickly sort them by social networks and upload the Excel file into your preferred social media platform.

SMART Goal Matrix

Regardless of if you are planning for a new month, quarter, or year, it’s crucial that you have identified a clear set of goals to get the job done. Otherwise, your marketing efforts won’t have a clear direction. If you need help setting marketing objectives and achieving them, a SMART goal matrix can help. Rooted in attainability, relevancy, measurability, and timeliness, the template can help set your team up for success while giving you a tool that can help you determine your most significant marketing needs. Even if you’re outsourcing your marketing, having a goal matrix will help keep everyone on the same page.

On-Page SEO Excel Templates

onsite SEOWhen it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are certain things you need to remember to generate the kind of results you are looking for. With search engines constantly evolving and algorithms changing constantly, it can be overwhelming to revamp your SEO strategy every now and then. However, SEO can be pivotal to your marketing success and should not be treated as an afterthought. If you want to make SEO planning easy and seamless, the on-page SEO template can help. Use the template to guide your SEO strategy, or you can pass it off to your webmaster to be used as a guide. This template can help provide tricks and tips to increase productivity and identify nuances to make your SEO strategy even more powerful.

Google Ads Campaign Tracker

If you are running a Google Ads campaign, you know that you need to really plan out your campaigns to see success. To get the most bang for your buck, you need to sometimes set up multiple campaigns or create different variations of your campaigns. You also need to keep track of the campaigns to know which ones to tweak and which ones to shut off for good. Fortunately, with the Google Ads campaign tracker, staying on top of your Google Ads game has never been easier. The template can help you see mistakes and implement best practices across various campaigns and ads you are running. For many marketers, it’s also the perfect complement to the SEO template.

Leads and Traffic Goal Calculator

website traffic and leadsIf you want to set lead goals and know how much traffic is needed to hit said objective, the leads and traffic goal calculator template is your best ally. Rather than sort things out on your own, you can always use the leads and traffic goal calculator. The template is also designed to take the math out of the equation, so you are left with a clear picture of what you need to do to drive traffic and achieve the lead goals you are targeting.

Marketing done right is no easy feat. While there are numerous software programs available to help organize different aspects of your marketing, with the right Excel templates, you can make marketing easy, seamless, and highly effective. Get your small business marketing efforts organized today and see better results in the future!

Patty Hughes
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