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Looking for ideas on how to better manage your paid search for your small business?  Or perhaps you’re just starting out and need a few ideas on how to best set up and manage a paid search campaign. You’ve come to the right place! Strategic Marketing Services has provided several articles to help you decide if paid search is right for your small business, how to manage it, and how to measure results. Need help putting together a plan for your paid search efforts?  Contact us!

Creating a Small Business Paid Advertising Plan

With so many options open to consumers on how they learn about products and services, a savvy marketer knows that they need to go to where their potential clients are. If you’ve done your research, ideally starting with a marketing strategy, you should have a fairly good idea of a few options on where [...]

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Should Small Businesses Invest in Paid Search?

Small business owners often ask if paid search, such as Google AdWords, is the best use of their marketing dollars. As with any marketing tactics, there are several things to consider in order to answer the question, "should small businesses invest in paid search?" There are several benefits of paid search for small businesses [...]

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