Instagram has grown to be a very powerful marketing tool, and small business owners could be missing out by not looking at the platform as a possible marketing tactic. Of course, not every marketing tactic works for every company, and no one company, especially a small business, can do everything on every social platform.  If Instagram doesn’t make sense for your small business after you’ve taken the time to look at it and how it foots to your marketing strategy, you still may want to check it out for marketing tips, ideas and inspiration. We’ve found 7 marketing instagram accounts small business owners should follow.

Instagram - CMIContent Marketing Institute – @CMIcontent

These guys are well-known in the content marketing world, and they show their talent and enthusiasm on their Instagram page. Sure, you’ll see lots of pictures of events they sponsor or attend, like Content Marketing World, but they also share some great marketing tips, insights on their newest books, and much more. When you follow these guys, you’re going to learn something about content marketing, and have fun doing it!

Instagram - VMVertical Measures – @VerticalMeasures

You have to follow this account for the whiteboard and the dog pictures alone! A full-service digital marketing agency, their passion for all things digital, especially content marketing, shines through on their Instagram account. Check out the whiteboards for great ideas and inspiration, or see where CEO and founder Arnie Kuenn is speaking. One of our favorite Instagram accounts!

Instagram - Kim GarstKim Garst – @KimGarst

If you’re a small business owner and want to learn more about social media, you need to follow this account!  Kim provides great tips as well as inspiring insights to get you on track to nail your own social media efforts. You’ll walk away inspired to do more every day.

Fresh ideasFresh Ideas – @myfreshideas

Patrick Osinki’s Instagram has it all!  Marketing tips, inspirational tips, and and great images. You never know what you’ll find when you hop over here, but you’ll walk away feeling glad you did. It focuses more on social media than anything else, but the posts are rich and diverse; a guilty pleasure to peruse when you have a moment and need inspiration.

OgilvyOgilvy & Mather – @olgilvymather

Ogilvy & Mather’s Instagram shares infographics and visualized quotes, and you’ll be thrilled every time you visit. It’s an excellent account for small business marketers looking for new, fresh content to share.

iboomiboommedia – @iboommedia

iboommedia specializes in social media and are pros at building social audiences. If you visit their Instagram account, you’ll see that it’s is filled with helpful marketing tips, tricks and cool statistics that any small business social media marketer could use. Check this one out!

smeSocial Media Examiner – @smexaminer

Their Instagram account is filled with witty marketing tips, tricks and insights, along with a few photos of employees and events. While the name makes you think it’s another social media-focused account, that’s not so! They touch on all aspects of marketing and do so in a fun, memorable way.

If you don’t have time to read every new small business marketing blog post that comes out, but want inspiration and ideas for marketing, these 7 marketing instagram accounts are ones you should follow.

Patty Hughes
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